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If you don't know why click here for the science of catnip.

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We have been marketing our products face to face with customers for 15 years. Now we work for free in your store! Our goal is to help you sell more product that is more profitable.

Over the last 14 years we have sold to hundreds of pet stores. We have marketed our product online and at events face to face with customers for 15 years. Kitty HoochTM was the first company offering you whole catnip. At least one company has seen the light and decided to offer whole catnip but Kitty hooch remains the only company offering whole catnip exclusivity. Because we are small batch and high tech we can do things to insure no other catnip product can match our potency. Ironically people in the pet industry get so much of the same old same old pushed at them with new marketing spin they loose site of the facts. Our journey has been one of discovery... How catnip works... How to make toys hold up... What makes products safe or unsafe... Sadly seeing most any product in any store we now see how the product designer was insulated from customers and veterinarians. Humans are great at mimicing but few innovate. The difference is in the details.

The pet stores we work with want to provide excellent products and service to customers. We want to provide something special for them. Here are five things we can offer a pet store that nobody else can match.

  1. Potency - we are drenched in oil! People think of catnip as something magical. We prefer science. It's the airborne oils. Please examine catnip from other companies. That's right. Virtually every other company mulches catnip. The enemy of oil? Oxygen. When we claim the crown we're not kidding. We are all about the oils. Produce the most, preserve and deliver. Different cats need different potencies.
  2. Craftsmanship - made in Oregon Virtually everything we do is by hand, old world style. When we say made in Oregon we mean it. Customers like getting a Bently for a few dollars more than a Yugo.
  3. Safety - peace of mind How many cat toys have external things to choke on? Every toy we opened had synthetic fiber fill. Vets tell us this cotton candy from hell can lead to a potentially fatal impacted bowel. Why does every other company do this?
  4. Customer loyalty The dramatic effect and quality and longevity of our products generate huge customer loyalty. Monogrammed toys advertise your store for years.
  5. Exclusivity We won't open any new accounts within 5-10 miles of Existing accounts. Only you get us!
  6. Serious support and cohesive marketing Video tags so your customer can get educated and be sold in your store and all you had to do was post the video tag. Hits of White Lightning lead your customers to our other products. We have 500 weekends and counting direct marketing our products. We sell and support our best movers. We are here to help.
  7. Profitability We found people will pay more if they think they are getting a quality product. You will make several times as much on a container of our catnip, it's more exciting and it's still an impulse buy.

In summary I can tell you we have clients that order a lot. They are always those people who built a big store with a big vision and a big following. Then there are the stores that tell me "we have a supplier" or "we're fine" I see similar notes in the call logs when I dial and get "This number is no longer in service". We are committed to making Kitty hooch a national success, but we will never be able to service more than a few hundred pet stores. I hope your store is one who we can partner with. If these points above resonate we are off to a good start.

Kitty Hooch is now offering UPC labels on our full catalog.

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