The Kitty Hooch Story

Kitty Hooch is actually a happy accident. I bought a catnip toy at the store. I was brinning with anticipation. Unfortunately the furry little ingrates looked at them and then at me as if to say "I hope you didn't pay good money for this boring thing".

From this I concluded our cats didn't like catnip. Then I saw a plant one of our cats destroyed and discovered it was catnip. Later I got some catnip plants for fun. It quickly became apparent that Lacey was addicted but it wasn't until I got flowers that I found out Max loved it too. That's when I discovered cats have different sensitivity thresholds for catnip. The cats got old socks filled with dried catnip and they both loved them. The next year I grew more catnip and gave away some catnip socks. People raved about them and suggested I had a business opportunity.

So I set out to do some research. I went to the store and checked out catnip and catnip toys. Suddenly I realized the absurdity of current marketing to owners of illiterate felines. The toys were colorful and cute, just like on kitty's favorite TV show maybe... when you squeezed them they were cushy. With one toy I asked the store manager to help me find the catnip. In fact there seemed to be a pinch in a pouch behind the wad of rayon. Then I smelled some "fresh" catnip in a pet shop. It smelled like stale Oregono. Catnip is in the mint family. It dawned on me that maybe it was time for a premium catnip toy.

After talking with people who made cat toys for church bazzaars and various seamstresses. Kitty Hooch was launched' The Kitty Hooch idea was to design toys with a lot more thought of the cats than just hooking cat owners. Kitty Hooch has never had sewed on buttons for eyes that cats could swallow. The design has always been around a size that would pack the right amount of catnip. We focus on durable materials, stitching and design. Our toys have been tested by cats known for their destructive tendencies. Our entire focus has been on quality products.

Kitty Hooch has been a resounding success with the people and cats who have experienced it. From the neighborhood to cat shows, Christmas bazzaars, the Hillsboro Farmers Market, Portland Satuday Market. hundreds of pet stores... and now you. So tell your friends. Kitty Hooch is... The Ultimate Catnip toy.

My family and I would like to express out sincere gratitude to our early customers who were willing to spend a few dollars more for the very best... because they love their cats too. Their encouragment helped me to see what I had with Kitty Hooch.

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