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Kitty Hooch Siamese Playhouse Supreme

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This product must be hand made to specification and cannot be delivered until it is built. We will give a build schedule before completing your order.

Add Siamese Playhouse Supreme @ $750 to cart

Refill Pouches

Add Post Catnip Refill 2 Pack @ $5 to cart
I will be blunt. You are not going to find a better value, something your cats will love more or anything with this level of craftsmanship or design anywhere else. Here it is folks, the ultimate in aesthetic flair and cat entertainment. It has a top to bottom secret passageway. This has individually replaceable components so you can expect 10 years or more from it. It has a 30 inch square reinfoced base with locking furniture casters! The top tray is 17x18! This is spacious and stunning. This will be a center of joy for your cats, your entertainment and an instant conversation piece when company comes over. Your cats will absolutely love it! The irony is this costs less than cardboard to own when you look at the life of it.

Includes two partial sisal refillable posts.

What makes us special?

  • Top to bottom secret passageway with multiple exits ande windows.
  • So durable we warranty that up to 20 cats will not wear though to the wood in 6 months or less.
  • Individually replaceable components.
  • Catnip pouch refill system on front posts.
  • Comes on locking furniture casters to make it easy to roll where you want to.
  • Satisfaction guarantee and local delivery and set up.
  • Costs less to own over it's life than buying a cardboard scratcher once a month.

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