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Kitty Hooch Lilly Pad

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This product must be hand made to specification and cannot be delivered until it is built. We will give a build schedule before completing your order.

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Refill Pouches

Add Ramp Refill Pouch @ $5 to cart
Did you ever wish you could get a piece of cat furniture that didn't look like every other piece of cat furniture? The Lillypad is an idea I had for a long time and now we have one on display in our Jantzen Beach store. It is natural and organic looking with an 18 inche diameter cup to cuddle your cat in comfort. Our cats love it! It also has a sisal refillable ramp included in the stalk. It's the perfect hight for a cat to hop up and be adored in.

Includes one sisal refillable ramp top on post.

What makes us special?

  • Whole catnip in our unique refill pouche syetem makes our scratchers an object of love for your cats.
  • So durable we warranty that up to 20 cats will not wear though to the wood in 6 months or less.
  • Nothing to sprinkle, rub or sweep. Just enjoy your cats.
  • Less than $1 a month cost of ownership.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. In over 10 years we sell over 200 per return for a 99.5% satisfaction rate.

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