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Kitty Hooch Super Bungee

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Your cats will love this! All our smaller toys come with a loop in the nose to attach to. Our Super Toy Bungee is made with elastic and durable material like our regular Toy Bungee. Unlike our regular Toy Bungee this one is four times as long and designed to be hung from a door frame. It includes a small eye hook to screw into the frame and has clips on both ends. This was designed so your cat can have endless hours of unsupervised play. The fabric keeps it from getting over-stretched and losing elasticity, chewed through or tangled around your cat's legs or neck. These are fun, durable and most importantly safe! Naked elastic toys for cats are unsafe. We wanted to provide a safe alternative. This toy offers your cats hours of unsupervised fun and since the fabric damps the motion it's less likly to create problems. (5 feet long, stretching to 10 feet)
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What makes us special?

  • Whole catnip in convenient pouches makes it more potent and stays potent for months.
  • Hand made in Oregon using our own catnip and recycled materials.
  • Washable as well as refillable.
  • Safe! No beads or fiber fill for your cat to eat.
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