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Kitty Hooch Catnip Refillable Sisal Ramp Cat Scratcher

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Refill Pouches

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The Sisal Refillable Ramp is our signature small scratcher. Originaly designed with the familiar dimensions of a popular cardboard scratcher, but superior in every way. It has a replacable top and because the screws go into metal instead of wood it doesn't loosen up. The 3/8 inch industrial sisal rope is embedded into the top board and completely glued to the surface. As with all our embedded rope scratchers there are no exposed staples on top. To open put your thumbs on the bottom and lift with your fingers toward the top. The catnip pouch area is large and the catnip will stay potent for up to six months. Once you put the catnip in there good luck keeping your cat off it, even if they haven't liked rope before. Placed near their favorite scratching area this will become the new favorite place to scratch. This is a scratcher you don't have to hide when company comes over.

What makes us special?

  • Whole catnip in our unique refill pouche syetem makes our scratchers an object of love for your cats.
  • So durable we warranty that up to 20 cats will not wear though to the wood in 6 months or less. Typical wear for the top is 6-8 years
  • Nothing to sprinkle, rub or sweep. Just enjoy your cats.
  • Around a $1 a month cost of ownership.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. In over 10 years we sell over 200 per return for a 99.5% satisfaction rate.

A few words about our Refillable Sisal Ramp From our founder

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