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Kitty Hooch Kitty Stash 0.5 oz

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There is no more potent catnip anywhere! Our catnip is legendary. All commercial catnip is harvested with machines that mulch up stalks and leaves into flakes and dust. It's oxidized and almost never even saw a bud. Kitty Stash is organically grown, hand weeded and processed entirely by hand. There are very toxic weeds out there. Our hand processing not only provides more oils, it is also safer. Your cat will enjoy the whole leaves and flowers and won't miss the nasty stalks at all.We know of no other dedicated whole catnip producer and nothing else is even close. Kitty Hooch really is white lightning next to the stale beer of commercial catnip.

Kitty Hooch loose catnip comes in a food grade container with a dessicant pack. It can go directly into the freezer for several years of storage. Our loose catnip is the acid test for cats responding to catnip. See our guarantee.

What makes us special?

  • Hand processed leaf and bud.
  • Food grade container ready for your freezer.
  • Grown expressly to produce the most fragrant potent buds.

A few words about our Kitty Stash 0.5 oz From our founder

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