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Kitty Hooch Gato Ganja

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100% primo catnip bud! Different cats have different thresholds for catnip. "Gato Ganja™" is for the cat who only cares about the most potent part. Catnip bud has the most oils and Gato Ganga™ is hand selected from our best buds for the most discriminating cats. Not only are they plump and oily, they have the most luscious aroma from being fed by our fertilizer injected commercial drip system that delivers certified organic nutrients of the highest quality to the roots of thousands of waiting plants.

Kitty Hooch catnip comes in a food grade container with a dessicant pack. We want to keep it fresh. We suggest hiding it in the freezer where it will also stay fresh for years. Gato Ganga™ is for your cat's chronic habit. See our guarantee.

What makes us special?

  • Hand selected whole catnip bud.
  • Food grade container ready for your freezer.
  • Grown expressly to produce the most fragrant potent buds.

A few words about our Gato Ganja From our founder

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