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Kitty Hooch Cat Buddy Catnip Toy

Add Cat Buddy @ $16 to cart
Add Cat Buddy w/bell @ $16 to cart

Refill Pouches

Add Cat Buddy Refill Pouch @ $5 to cart

The Cat Buddy grew out of customer requests. People loved our catnip and our quality, but their cat loved this shape. The Cat Buddy is a tour de force toy. First there is the incredibly potent whole catnip in the convenient pouch refill system. Because we heard so many horror stories about cats eating fiber fill we use recycled blankts inside. There is an optional bell inside in recycled cardboard. The bell is inside to keep your cats safe.

Cat Buddies are the same price with or without bell and each has it's own personality sewn into it's unique little face and ears.

Refill pouches have a six month life expectancy, depending on how much they get beat up.

What makes us special?

  • Whole catnip in convenient pouches makes it more potent and stays potent for months.
  • Hand made in Oregon using our own catnip and recycled materials.
  • Washable as well as refillable.
  • Safe! No beads or fiber fill for your cat to eat.

A few words about our Cat Buddy From our founder

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