What is Kitty Hooch?

Kitty HoochTM for years was the ultimate catnip toy. We began growing our super premium catnip in greenhouses using premium everything from genetic strains to soil, to natural nutrition, light, etc... Eventually we had to expand to field grown catnip and to our delight we were able to produce absolutely superiour quality product using organic farming. Kitty Hooch really is ultra-premium products. Because our products are so labor intensive it is not easy to produce in any great quantities and not widely available. Our experience has proven your cat will be able to tell the difference.

We now have over 80 different products including catnip, toy accessories, catnip beds, cat furniture and more. Through the years we've worked with hundreds of boutique pet stores. Every product we sell has to demonstrate exceptional quality and value. Experience has proven customers were tired of the abysmal state of commercial catnip and toys. In the pet care industry. It's an epedemic... If you are a frustrated consumer who wished they could believe there was something different available... finally you are in the right place!

Here you will find more information about Kitty Hooch. You can read our story of how we got started, a comparison between our products and commercial toys and more about Kitty Hooch.

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