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One of our customers who bought a Pagoda Playhouse Supreme from us contacted us to do interior work on a chain link enclosure with a metal roof they were planning on buying for their cats. After looking we submitted a proposed design that more approprrately matched their aesthetic taste. The objective was to create an open airy piece that was accented by natural woods and a high transparency long life polycarbonate roof for a sunroom feel. The other concept that developed in the discussion was to make this an appealing shared space for people and cats. Additionally while discussing options we proposed things like a crows nest. I have been told this is the new favorite space for people too even though it is exterior access only. Maybe I should offer a door.

When you are thinking of outdoor cat facilities Kitty Hooch is capable of designing whatever your needs are. That would include natural woods, chain link enclosures, sky bridges and exterior grade furniture designs that can handle moisture as well as provide warmth. In fact if your needs require warmed perches, augmented light or other things we are happy to oblige. We can work with every medium from concrete to carbon fiber. Would you like a webcam to check up on your cats from your smartphone? How about infrared detectors and alarms on the exterior? With Kitty Hooch there are simply no limits. Just tell us your lifestyle concerns and aesthetic interests and we will work to fit it all into a workable budget.


The finished look

While this photo lacks some trim and some interior components that are on the way it does give a good idea of what the finished product looks like. I really like how it seems to blend with the natural elements around it.

Initial Construction

This is the initial frame construction which is free floating on the concrete pad. It is not actually attached to the house.

Exterior Complete

This shows the completed exterior with the open feel offered by the choice of metal wire fence and also the nice brass and glass locking exterior door.

Pass through

Here you can see the double door pass through which offers sort of an "Artic entrance" insulted air pocket. This can be closed from the inside. By going with this option we eliminated the awkward design and secruity issues of using the window for the pass through.

Decking Installed

After moving to a more natural design the original requirement of the concrete pad seemed pointless. Ideally this would have been more cost effective as a post and beamed deck but since the pad was here we came up with an innovative removable deck. We maintained a 2 inch total thickness with appropriate spacing between decking which acts just as if it were fastened to joists. This allows for running wires underneath and facilitates floor ventilation in the summer.

Pass Through

Our customer decided to get their own steps before I could build a step onto the deck. Either seem quite nice.

Exterior with Decking

This shows the much warmer look of the exterior with the decking installed.

Exterior Landscaped

The landscaping really goes well with everything.

Crows Nest Begins

Work begins on an interesing design. This unit has a number of considerable challenges. It can't be too large and it has to have the post in the middle. Floor space is at a premium and we have a hatch in the bottom. The design chosen is an octagon with asymetrical angles. This makes the roof fall lower in the corners, which is rendered imperceptable by slight of hand design. Additionally there is extra reinforcement to keep cats in with only thin cedar shakes on top. All of this is very touchy because everything is so small and precise.

Crows Nest Ready

The crows nest is ready to install. The post you see in the middle here is just a template cut off the main post so it will slide on perfectly. There is no need to actually fasten it as it fits perfectly. Each piece of cedar on top including the hip covers were custom cut. The hip covers were also beveled on the tablesaw and hotglued. The look achieved here is substantially more labor intensive due to scale than the cedar roof on a house.

Spiral Ascent Steps

The crows nest is on and the ascent construction begins. Note the careful placement of each level to create a functional ascent that doesn't get in the way of it's self.

Spiral Ascent Frame

The exterior frame for the spiral ascent is ready. This is crucial and much different from building mere stairs. It has to be a secure enclosure and has to tak into account both top and bottom as well as all sides. This is much harder to design than it looks.

First Entry

Here is a late night shot of the first cat entering the crows nest.

In the Crows Nest

Here is Chewy in the Crows nest. I'm told the cats really love this little addition.

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